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Beware when buying

Cricket Equipment

There are many many charts and even more theories on matching the bat size to height, age, type of player etc etc.  When presented with too much information, or not enough, younger players that have Google to advise,…

Batting Leg Guard sizing

Cricket Equipment

As cricketers come in all shapes and sizes, so do leg guards. The height of a cricketer does not necessarily give the best indication of what size they may be as it is dependent on the dimensions of…

Willow Tree to Cleft

Bat Making

Visitors to our workshop are often intrigued about the origin of the wood that is used to make the Bradbury Cricket bats.  The clefts of cricket bat willow are stacked in the workshop before the crafting begins. However,…

Back in the UK

Players and sponsorship

Bradbury have not many sponsored players in the UK, but quality certainly makes up for quantity.  Anuj Dal at Derbyshire County Cricket Club is a wonderful sponsored player that is making the most of the support he gets…

Design elements of a glove

Cricket Equipment

There is a wide variety of glove designs available on the market. It can be difficult to choose what glove is most suitable for your comfort and protection. For some players, getting hit in the hands is not…

ABC Radio Interview


Listen to the Interview Truth be told, there is no new technology. Today’s bats are still made from English willow, and must have a cane handle. I had the opportunity this week to meet Paul and Sally Bradbury…

The Biggest Cricket Bat in the Southern Hemisphere


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