Here in our Fremantle workshop we have been preparing for our seasonal slow down.  After a fantastic season we were looking forward to slowing the pace in crafting under the deadlines of players schedules.  The Bradbury’s were not expecting the brakes to be yanked on quite as suddenly as Cricket Australia called an early declaration due to the global crisis. 
Common sense has been replaced by hysteria amongst the community and some of our cricket administrators.

The various winter competitions will quite possibly find a way forward as they are enthusiasts in a class of their own, good luck to you and we hope the joy of cricket will prevail through the cooler months.  UK seasons are being cancelled as I write this, so trips overseas to further a players skills and experience are too, being cancelled.

For the Bradbury workshop, we will continue to craft in preparation of a 2020 summer of cricket and look forward to introducing a few  new initiatives that we have been working on.  We will bring forward our off season hours for the shop to be open, with this Saturday trading possibly being the last for the season without an appointment required.  We will be available for individual fittings by appointment at this stage but reserve the right to practice social distancing during visits.  We will also be available to engage through remote access such as whatsapp and messenger. Virtual bat fittings may become the way to go this year, watch this space.

Paul and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all a very safe winter, and thank you for the amazing support we received this season.