There has been a shift in location and the way we offer our equipment for sale in 2022. The online experience will continue to be available, however, we have not yet got a showroom at our new location. With only basic facilities available, visitors to the Leppington workshop are asked to make an appointment and discuss their requirements before their arrival. There will be stock available, just not all of it will be on display. We aim to open for visitors on Saturdays, 9am to 3pm, without an appointment necessary. Saturdays are an ideal time for fittings and discussions regarding requirements to assist with a final decision. Bradbury offer five profiles of cricket bats in the 2022 range, each available in different standards that attract different prices. If you require something outside the standard range, the bespoke service is available. Standard range items not readily available on the day may take 1-2 weeks to complete and can be mailed or picked up during a return visit. This can be discussed during a fitting.

Bespoke service is available by appointment only. The word bespoke means by which we speak of. It allows you to have significant input into the planning for your unique requirements in a bat and an additional fitting if required. It does NOT mean you choose your piece of willow, only a bat maker can make that judgement according to your needs. There are two price points of this service, totally dependant on the willow required for the final bat and not at all depending on the size. That is, the bespoke service is available to junior bats at the bespoke service price. The additional cost of a bespoke service reflects the significant increase in time and expertise required to make unique cricket bats according to unique needs. Price begins at $1 500.

Bradbury Cricket (Aust) are traditional and authentic Master crafters of cricket bats, and as such will only use imperial measurements, that is, inches for width and length, and pounds and ounces for weights of cricket bats. The final weight of a cricket bat is determined by the density of the willow cleft, and the shape of the profile.  The weights stated by Bradbury include the weight of the grip and stickers on the finished bat. If choosing additional grips, facing and toe guard, the final weight will be greater. All weights are expressed to the ounce and as such may vary within 1/2 an ounce.

Unless otherwise stated, a full-size SH bat indicates the overall length of the bat and handle conforms with industry standards.

The willow merchants develop their own grading system and charge accordingly. This varies between merchants, and is changed every year. Having been in the industry for 30 years, we have observed that the availability of the amazing grained, light weight free from blemish cleft is very low. The standard grading from one of the largest merchants has dropped significantly and conversely, prices risen. Willow merchants are not bat makers, and for this reason, the final grading placed on the willow should be done by the bat maker. It is this standard that the brand reputation is established. Bradbury only purchase grade 1 and 2 willow and regrade according to the below criteria. We do not purchase the Salix alba (cricket bat willow) grown in Australia or India as it is not suitable for making the Bradbury range. We will not answer any further questions regarding the suppliers of our willow as we consider this confidential, and irrelevant to the final product.

Please note, the grading is NOT based on the appearance alone. Bradbury apply their own grading standards that is significantly higher than that applied by the willow merchant. The grading of willow considers weight and density, grains, knots, stains and flecks. Crafting a cricket bat introduces further considerations that include, but are not limited to pressing outcome that contributes to performance, balance and aesthetic.  With Bradbury, the outcome is then ranked into models. With online or off-the-shelf cricket bats, the highest ranked is the Players, followed by the Pro XI, Pro V and Performance models. There is a range of factory seconds available at the Leppington workshop, that are sold without warranty. The factory seconds are not available on-line.

Match preparation of cricket bats is required before use. This includes knocking in, which can be done by the customer, or by a specialist machine. The Bradbury knocking in service includes the application of bat butter, then 10 000 hits to the playing area. It takes 1 hour to complete, subject to what is in the queue. This does not include the edges, and does not guarantee total protection against Yorker damage.  Discounts are offered when included at the time of purchasing your bat. Knocking in, normally $65 is discounted to $50. Facings are fitted free when purchased with a bat, and a toe guard is fitted for $25, normally $35.  Training bats may be offered at a discounted rate when stock permits.

With the significant amount of training now required for the modern game, Bradbury highly recommend the use of a training bat when preparing for match play. Good cricket shots rarely break cricket bats. Most damage occurs during training when there is little consequence for shot selection, and new skills are being developed. Any damage does not automatically qualify for a warranty replacement. Over-use, yorker damage, water damage and damage caused through incorrect storage (such as spikes in cricket bags) will not be covered by warranty. Bradbury are highly skilled in repairing cricket bats, and reserve the right to repair. If a bat is damaged beyond repair, a replacement may be considered.

There is a 6 month warranty on standard cricket bats, a 3 month warranty on Performance bats, and warranty claims are subject to terms and conditions. By completing any Bradbury purchase, you agree to these terms and conditions.

To make an appointment, please email and include your phone number.