Professional Players Cricket Bat – SH


T20 specialist model with a long handle, super short blade combination.


Customise your handcrafted bat even further!

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The Professional cricket bat has been developed with the valuable input of T20 professional players that have come to Bradbury to obtain the extra meterage needed to clear the boundary. This model has the same overall length as a standard SH. However, the balance feeds a long arc for power shots through a long handle on a super-short blade. The blade width is decreased by 3mm to allow for lighter weight whilst maintaining strong edges.

Finished with a standard white matrix grip, black and gold labelling. The Players standard represents top grade willow, excellent rebound qualities and uncompromised profile to weight ratios.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 88 × 12 × 8 cm

2'8, 2'9, 2'10, 2'11, 2'12, 2'13, 2'14, 2'15

Additional Knocking In


Protective Facing

fibreglass facing, Clear Extratech, None

Toe Guard fitted

Yes, No