Bespoke Bat Service


Bradbury Cricket now able to offer the bespoke service. Please make an appointment to proceed with your order.


The Bradbury range has been developed after years of providing for a wide variety of player needs and expectations.  As such the range available on line and in store is genuinely varied with a degree of opportunity to customise and individualise for each player.  There is a further option available for players needing an even more unique experience, through a bespoke service that is only available from master bat makers.

Available in two grades (Exception & Players grade) regardless of the size of the bat, or the age of the cricketer.  Bradbury’s master crafters will make for you what we speak about, hence “bespoke”.  The service begins with a discussion of expectation, we share knowledge and work towards a custom crafted bat that is suited to your own personal & very individual needs.  The process will include fittings & adjustments that may take up to 2 weeks to finalise your handcrafted cricket bat.

Starting from $1 500.00 for a Players and $1 800.00 for an Exception.

This service begins with an email, phone or appointment. There is always the possibility that expectations exceed practicalities, and for this reason alone, Bradbury reserve the option to decline to make outside the scope of reasonability.

To make an appointment for the bespoke service, please follow this LINK


Exception, Players