Cricket Bat Rebalance or Weight Reduction

Reducing the weight of your bat through a re balance or weight reduction is available at Bradbury. Assessment and consultation is required before any commitment to changing the characteristics of your bat must occur. The result can be significant and improve performance out in the middle.


A cricket bat that weighs too much can hinder success in the game, and a rebalance, or weight reduction can be a great option. Bradbury can assess your existing bat for suitability for improvement, and discuss realistic outcomes for what can be achieved.

Obviously, the larger the profile of the bat, the greater the option of a successful weight reduction or rebalance. Considerations must include starting weight, expected finishing weight, existing profile and edge size and the integrity of the willow, or condition of the bat. This service is offered only after assessment and consultation with the end user.

Dimensions 88 × 12 × 8 cm