Cricket Bat Re-handle

This service will be available July 2022 from our NSW workshop


Any cricket bat can suffer a broken handle, and a quick turn around time is available through Bradbury. During peak season, allow 48 hours for the repair to be completed, however, an express service can be done within just one hour.

Shoulder splits are a symptom of a problem within the handle. Often the glue that is used to connect the canes to the rubber or cork laminates fails and excessive movement through use creates splitting down the shoulder of the bat. Early detection and repair will save permanent damage to your bat. Often this repair will not require a complete handle replacement if detected early.

Please note that during a rehandle, the existing labels will be damaged and are not replaced. If you require new labels, you will need to source replacements yourself. Bradbury, under no circumstance, will put Bradbury labels on any bats that are brought in for repair that are not genuine Bradbury.


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