There is a wide variety of glove designs available on the market. It can be difficult to choose what glove is most suitable for your comfort and protection. For some players, getting hit in the hands is not a problem as the bowling is not at a harmful pace, however, many require genuine high spec protection. Even if the protection is for peace of mind, the level of protection required should be part of your decision making process.

The main design components of design that contribute to functionality is the finger split configuration, and the materials used on the palm. Three finger splits follow the anatomical joins in your hand, and are therefore the most free moving design. Any more than this is possibly overkill. The quality of the leather on the palm (and fingers) will determine how a glove will deal with moisture, wear and feel on the bat. Wearing inners also effects your choice given these considerations.

Protection, which is the main purpose of a glove, is determined by the foam inside the rolls, additional shields and the outer covering. Leather as an outer covering offers greater protection than pu, however is weightier and more expensive. There is a lot of excessive additions to glove design that does not contribute to comfort and protection, however, can contribute to price.

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