Pre-use Preparation Package

10 000 hits with a jarrah mallet, facing and toe protection. Pre-use preparation package will extend the life of your cricket bat.


Customise your handcrafted bat even further!

Have your Initials stamped on your bat for free. Simply enter your initials in the field below If you do not wish to have your initials stamped leave the field blank

Let us do the preparation for you. Nominate knocking in facing, and toe protection in the pre-reparation package available with this purchase.

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This service includes a minimum of 10 000 hits on a specialised machine. The blade of the bat is treated with Bradbury Bat Butter, the impact from knocking in helps knit the wood fibres, improving resilience, and may improve the performance of a bat. This is due to a deeper natural pressing occuring. It is important to note that this IS NOT pressing. Furthermore, additional pressing is not a substitute for knocking in. A protective facing is applied. There is further care and attention required by the customer, careful hitting such as controlled catches, or underarm bowling will greatly assist in completing the preparation for match play,

Additional Knocking In


Protective Facing

fibreglass, Clear Extratech, None

Toe Waterproofing



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