Knocking In

Bradbury Cricket knocking service for non-Bradbury cricket bats. Includes removal of protective facing, application of bat butter, 10 000 hits on playing face, polishing, and application of new facing. This process does not prepare the edges, nor does it guarantee against breakage. It does, however, contribute significantly to the preparation for play.


Knocking in will assist in the longevity of your cricket bat.  The process involves the application of Bradbury bat butter before receiving 10,000 hits on the face (not edges) with a specialist machine.  Additional rolling under a mechanical press is NOT part of the process and it is highly opposed by Bradbury.  The original bat maker is charged with this responsibility, it is a skill reserved for those that have mastered the craft.  We do not knock the edges in as the face of the bat is designed for use, not the edges.  The service includes the fitting of a protective facing.

This service is for non-Bradbury cricket bats and is not part of the service offered when purchasing Bradbury cricket bats. 

If you have concerns regarding the toe maintenance, consider applying a toe guard.  Shoo Glue is also recommended.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 88 × 12 × 8 cm