Forte Pro V Cricket Bat


The Forte has a slightly lower middle.  Great balance for driving, and power based match play.


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The Forte Cricket bat is a full size relative to a tapering edge.  The profile includes a rounded face and a subtle bow.  This robust model has a “middle to low” middle which favours a driving game.  This shape  has a particularly pleasing aesthetic.

The handle shape is a subtle oval for the bottom hand, and round for the top hand.  Gripped with the white Bradbury matrix grip, the labels show the purple detail. The Forte Pro V is made from the grade 2 willow that shows more than half red, or knots and naturally occurring specs or stains that will not impact performance. Unless otherwise stated, a full-size bat indicates the overall length of the bat and handle conforms with industry standards.  Not available in junior sizes.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 88 × 12 × 8 cm

2'11, 2'13

Additional Knocking In


Toe Waterproofing


Protective Facing

fibreglass facing, Clear Extratech, None